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General manager assistant

Departments: General Administration

Education Requirements: Master's degree or above

Job responsibilities:

We must have a strong sense of timeliness, a pragmatic and vigorous style of work, a skillful leadership art, and a good job in a limited time.


1) Skilled in drafting company documents;

2) CET-6 or above for English majors;

3) Familiar with the nature of the company, can effectively handle technical cooperation letters;

4) Good image and temperament, men and women are not limited.

Location: Fengtai District, Beijing

R&D Engineer and Assistant

Departments: Product Department

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above

Recruitment: 2

Job responsibilities:

Structural Design

1) Be responsible for the mechanical and structural demonstration, design and analysis of UAV and related products to ensure the "six characteristics" and economic requirements of the designed products;

2) Production and supplier management of docking production departments, product testing and design optimization.

3) Collate technical documents and compile technical documents.


1) Bachelor degree or above, major in aircraft design, mechanical design and related fields;

2) Excellent mechanical and structural design ability, skilled in CATIA, AutoCAD and other related design software, skilled use of office software, relevant work experience is preferred;

3) Strong innovative spirit, teamwork spirit, communication and coordination ability, positive working attitude, strong sense of responsibility;

Location: Fengtai District, Beijing

Embedded System Engineer

Departments: Product Department

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above

Recruitment: 2

Job responsibilities:

1) According to the company's requirements, formulate project R&D plan, carry out program, demonstrate and plan design work, and write project R&D report;

2) Accurately communicate with customers about the technical status of products;

3) Continuous testing and experimentation of new research products, and suggestions for improvement and modification are put forward.

4) Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


1) Proficiency in the development of embedded system based on ARM architecture. Including cross-compiler platform construction, device-driven writing;

2) Skillful use of Qt software;

3) Skilled in using CATIA, Ansys, NASTRAN and other design software;

4) Be able to independently carry out UAV scheme demonstration according to the needs, and lead the team in scheme design work;

5) Have strong practical experience, can guide assembly debugging, organization of tests, etc.

6) Aircraft design/mechanical engineering/electromechanical engineering.

Location: Shenbei New District, Shenyang City

UAV AOPA Training Instructor

Departments: Operational Services Department

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above

Recruitment: 2

Job responsibilities:

1) Complete the construction, enrollment and management of AOPA training according to the company's plan;

2) To be responsible for the training and teaching of pilots and captains of UAVs, including theoretical knowledge and practical teaching;

3) Be responsible for teaching quality, constantly summarize and improve teaching methods and methods to ensure that students get AOPA certificates.


1) College degree or above, with AOPA certificate of fixed-wing/multi-rotor teacher qualification;

2) Having skilled UAV flight practice technology and rich practical teaching experience;

3) Excellent communication skills and sense of responsibility;

4) AOPA teaching and training experience is preferred.

Location: Fengtai District, Beijing

UAV Sales Representative

Departments: Marketing Department

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above

Recruitment: 3

Job responsibilities:

1) Customer relationship maintenance and sales management;

2) Expanding sales channels, participating in sales-related negotiations, and accurately grasping market dynamics;

3) Keep an eye on market trends, keep abreast of the latest information and apply it reasonably in sales work.

4) Provide professional solutions to customers'demands;

5) abide by professional ethics and keep business secrets;

6) Participate in exhibitions and related activities from time to time.


1) Experience in product marketing or sales management;

2) Strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion, communication and negotiation, strong ability of analysis and problem solving, and strong ability of resisting pressure;

3) Daily business trips are acceptable;

4) Will use office software, familiar with Internet operations;

5) Good character, diligence and hard work;

6) Familiar with UAV's professional knowledge, skills and industry application is preferred.

Location: Fengtai District, Beijing

Project Specialist

Departments: Marketing Department

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above

Job requirements:

1) Coordinating and integrating the company's resources, helping the company formulate the government project declaration plan, and participating in the follow-up and material preparation of project feasibility analysis, project establishment, declaration, approval, acceptance and other links;

2) Participate in the preparation of documents, material preparation and bidding of various bidding projects;

3) Communicate and liaise with relevant government departments at all levels in a timely manner to understand and collect industry trends and policies;

4) Participate in the company's qualification declaration, including but not limited to invention patents, software copyright, etc.

5) Other related work assigned by the company.


1) Bachelor degree or above, 2 years related working experience;

2) Good writing skills and writing skills, proficient in Word, Excel, PPT, Visio and other document tools;

3) Strong sense of responsibility and organization, coordination and communication skills, with excellent team spirit.

Location: Fengtai District, Beijing

Contact person: Ms. Yu

Contact number: 010-83686610

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