Accurate agricultural data acquisition, mainly through the airborne multi-lens array image acquisition module or multi-spectral imaging equipment, creates the first-hand image data acquired by aerial photography into orthophoto images and 3D models needed by users. Among them, the Orthophoto Image obtains vegetation coverage index (NDVI) and visual growth status through professional algorithm, as the basic data of crop growth, it is sent to the integrated management center of plant protection business network information.


       Data analysis and task assignment are mainly accomplished by the Integrated Management Center of Plant Protection Business Network Informatization. Its responsibility is to classify the recently collected crop growth data, calculate and analyze the relative biomass in a specific period of time, monitor crop growth or pests, and formulate detailed planting. Guarantee operation tasks (spraying amount, operation plot, assignment of operation team);


       The spraying operation of plant protection UAV is mainly aimed at the spraying operation service of designated plots. After completing the first two stages of work, accurate three-dimensional topographic data, location information and plant protection operation plan are sent to each plant protection operation squadron, and plant protection spraying UAV is used to complete the operation task.