1. Police Advantage of UAV

1) Application of Community Civilian Police

       With the advantages of low cost, easy operation, high flexibility and stability, UAV can complete the tasks of air surveillance, daily patrol, search and tracking, and is favored by the police. Police officers and armed police use UAVs to deal with unexpected social events, traffic police departments use UAVs to manage traffic, and special police departments use UAVs to carry out aerial reconnaissance and arrest of criminals. Police UAVs will help police departments play a more important role in the field of public security in the future.

2. Solution of UAV Police System

Routine patrol in public domain: UAV carries photoelectric, infrared pod and other monitoring equipment to conduct routine patrol in the jurisdiction area, save police force, and timely grasp the public safety situation.


Mass riot event control: UAVs fly over the target area of the accident to conduct all-round and uninterrupted monitoring of the target area, which provides a prerequisite for the police to fully control the situation.


Large-scale gathering monitoring: UAV with photoelectric pod can monitor the air of the meeting venue, provide high-definition picture, and can quickly maneuver over any area needed, search and find suspicious people and vehicles on the ground, and provide strong air intelligence support. Once unexpected situations are found, UAV can be found in the first time, which greatly improves the efficiency of emergency response.


News dissemination: After the UAV is equipped with an air dropping device, it can deliver special items, such as broadcasting leaflets and transmitting information to ground personnel, so as to dispel rumors. Small-scale rotorcraft UAVs can carry out air shouting and transmit government information by installing high-pitched speakers.


2) Application of Public Security Criminal Police

Aerial reconnaissance: UAV can carry photoelectric pods and other equipment to conduct covert reconnaissance in some specific target areas or some target areas which can not be dispatched by personnel for some reason, so as to prepare for the next action of the police.


Criminal pursuit: UAVs can track and monitor all kinds of escape modes taken by fugitives. They can also carry infrared equipment to monitor night fugitives. They can scan the flight of suspects hiding in the jungle.


3) The sudden application of anti-terrorism measures

Anti-terrorism deployment: In response to unexpected violent incidents and anti-terrorism incidents, UAVs can quickly arrive at the scene to obtain the status of the scene, providing real-time key information for anti-terrorism deployment.


Large-scale venue defense: The use of UAV tilt photography technology can stereo the venue, in the stereo model for terrorist interception simulation, sniper point simulation and so on.


4) Application of Traffic Police

Road patrol: UAV carries photoelectric pods and other equipment to patrol the pavement conditions in special periods or key sections, and timely adjust and deploy the police force through the patrol status to alleviate the pavement conditions.


Traffic Guidance: When facing the road congestion caused by holidays, accidents, weather and other factors, the police can not rush to the scene. The scene of the accident can be photographed and identified by aerial photography equipment. The vehicles can be guided by the UAV equipped with loudspeakers, lights and other equipment, which can quickly relieve traffic. General information.


Illegal snapping: Video recordings and speed measuring equipment carried by UAVs can fix vehicle illegal activities in an all-round way and effectively maintain the normal order of expressways.


Highway Patrol: UAV can not only accomplish the task of highway road patrol quickly, but also ensure the uninterrupted video patrol throughout the day, quickly detect foreign bodies on the road surface and the surrounding environment, and greatly improve the work rate of the highway administration department through autonomous flight and multi-unit network.