Tilt photography

       Tilt photography is a new technology developed in the field of international surveying, mapping and remote sensing in recent years. By carrying multiple sensors on the same flight platform (currently commonly used are five-lens cameras), and collecting images from different angles such as vertical and tilt, more complete and accurate information of ground objects can be obtained.

Tilt photography

       Tilt photography three-dimensional automatic modeling software is a set of automatic modeling software based on multi-source image sequence from space and ground, which can automatically generate high-resolution true three-dimensional model without manual intervention. Based on photogrammetry, computer vision and computational geometry algorithm, the software supports automatic three-dimensional computation, dense point cloud generation, TIN network construction, automatic texture mapping and other steps to achieve rapid generation of true three-dimensional models. Oblique photography technology is used to obtain oblique image and Orthophoto Image data along the line. Some field image control points are reasonably laid out. Then image data, POS data and field image control point data are imported into the automatic modeling system for batch processing. In calculating 3D model data or 3D TIN texture, the automatic modeling system does not need manual intervention.

Tilt Photogrammetric Mapping Modeling Software

       The first integrated software of tilt photography and mapping in China to realize 1:500 large-scale DLG mapping based on centimeter-level high-precision three-dimensional modeling


Automated Modeling of Tilt Photography

(3-D mapping and modeling of ancient Great Wall sites and fire prevention measures in a mountainous area)

Automatic air-to-air three encryption to restore the spatial position relationship between objects


Construct a triangular TIN, and then form a white model by a triangular TIN.


Processing by white mold, automatic texture mapping, and publishing the results online


Case of tilt photography