1. Advantage of UAV patrol inspection

       The application of UAV in pipeline inspection has the absolute advantages of fast response, high efficiency and low cost. The application of UAV aerial remote sensing technology can enrich the means of oil and gas pipeline inspection; it can improve the ability of anti-destruction, anti-leakage and emergency relief; it can replace part of manual work, reduce the labor intensity of field workers and improve the workforce. Efficiency.


2. Pipeline Inspection Application of UAV

1) Oil theft patrol

By carrying visible light and infrared pods, UAV can monitor the safety of pipelines 24 hours a day and night, monitor whether there is oil piracy through perforation, monitor suspicious persons and vehicles, detect and track oil stealers, and send them back to the inspection and monitoring center.


2) Oil Leakage Monitoring

The visible light pod is carried by UAV to monitor whether there is oil leakage in oil pipeline and oil leakage in pumping unit.


3) Pipeline protection patrol

By carrying visible light pod and mapping equipment, UAV monitors whether there is illegal operation in pipeline safety belt, and monitors the changes of topography and landform on both sides of oil pipeline.


4) Emergency patrol

By carrying visible and infrared pods, UAVs can respond to emergencies 24 hours a day and night, assess the area of water accumulated after floods, conduct emergency fire scene inspection, emergency reconnaissance and tracking, and search for oil leakage and pressure relief places.


5) Oilfield Pipeline Planning

By carrying aerial cameras, tilt cameras and lidars, UAVs can carry out geographic mapping and scene modeling of oilfields, generate orthophoto and stereo model maps of oilfields, and digitally plan new pumping units and pipelines.