1. In view of environmental pollution monitoring, honeycomb Aerospace launched environmental pollution monitoring program, which can observe the air, soil, vegetation and water quality from a macro perspective, and provide decision-making basis for environmental protection.

       The aerial picture data can be transmitted back to the ground station receiving system in real time within the radius of 10 kilometers through the high-definition digital image system of day and night carried by the UAV. The image information can be stored by the fast image mosaic technology. After the UAV landed, the image data can be acquired, and the high-definition image can be generated to form a large area. The overall recognition of regional environment can directly identify pollution sources, pollution outlets, visible floating matter, etc. The generated distribution map can provide decision-making basis for environmental assessment and environmental monitoring.

2. Aiming at water and gas pollution monitoring, Honeycomb Aerospace launched a water and gas pollution monitoring scheme, which can monitor water and gas pollution on-line in real time, quickly, accurately and real-time, and greatly reduce the difficulty of environmental monitoring and timely forensics.

       The UAV carries the automatic water quality sampling system and the automatic gas sampling system, cooperates with the environmental law enforcement personnel to collect the full automatic water and gas samples in the water and atmosphere of the problem area, and collects evidence for the environmental law enforcement.

3. In response to environmental emergencies, Honeycomb Aerospace launched an emergency monitoring program for environmental protection, which can quickly track and monitor the development of environmental pollution emergencies, and formulate timely treatment measures to reduce the losses caused by pollution.

       Through the UAV carrying the day high definition digital image system and gas online monitoring system, it can cooperate with environmental law enforcement personnel to quickly carry out environmental monitoring and online law enforcement forensics for air pollution problems, obvious violations of sewage discharge problems.