Current Problems in Electric Power Patrol Inspection

       The traditional manual route inspection method is not only heavy workload but also difficult conditions. Especially, it takes a long time to inspect transmission lines in mountainous areas and across large rivers, as well as in ice disasters, floods, earthquakes, landslides and late-night routes, which is costly and difficult. Some line areas and some inspection items are manual. Patrol methods are still difficult to complete.


Advantages of UAV Application

       Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operation can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of power transmission maintenance and maintenance, so that many tasks can be completed quickly in a fully charged environment. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operation can also rapidly expand the scope of operation, and is not disturbed by sludge and snow. Therefore, unmanned aerial vehicle patrol mode is undoubtedly a safe, fast, efficient and promising patrol mode.


Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Electric Power

1) Distribution Line Location Planning

Fixed-wing/multi-rotor UAV+multi-view camera can be used to map the target area with high resolution and accuracy, and provide accurate basis for distribution line planning.


2) Regular inspection of the surrounding environment of distribution lines

The long-range fixed-wing UAV+high-definition aerial camera+image post-processing system can take aerial photographs around the long-distance distribution lines and realize periodic inspection of the surrounding environment.


3) Patrol Inspection of Distribution Lines

Fixed-wing UAV+visible-light camera load is used to realize real-time channel inspection of illegal construction and trees around distribution lines; multi-rotor UAV+visible/infrared load is used to realize fine spot inspection of pins and insulators in poles and towers.


4) Disposal of Foreign Matter on Distribution Line

Multi-rotor UAV and laser obstacle removal equipment are used to dispose of foreign bodies on distribution lines.