June 28 Honeycomb UAV application seminar, welcome your arrival!



On June 28, Honeycomb Aerospace will hold a seminar on the application of UAV in Chongqing. Honeycomb Aerospace will explain the existing project cases, which involve surveying and mapping, power, oil, railway, environmental protection, UAV training and other related industries. Welcome to your guidance.

01 new product

In addition to this lecture, there is also a wonderful display of UAV application flight. The industry leaders gather here. HC-332, the winner of Honeycomb Aerospace, will also appear at this exhibition and fly outdoors.


02 West UAV Development Forum

The event will invite government leaders, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts and scholars, international UAV experts, UAV industry cafes, members of Chongqing UAV Industry Association, members of the National UAV Association Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Alliance, well-known entrepreneurs and representatives of Chongqing Friendship Business Association. Table 500 participants attended the meeting to analyze and discuss the current situation of UAV market, technological innovation, overall development prospects and the development of AI in Western China from macro and micro perspectives, leading the future strategic development direction of UAV technology.

The launching ceremony of the first unmanned aerial vehicle `Wisdom China'Wanlihang in 2019 launched by UAV Network will also be launched here.

03 Open-air Wine Party

After the dinner, let's enjoy the night view of Chongqing as a "mountain city" with wine cups. The high-rise buildings do not mean that the night view is good, and the sense of hierarchy is the key factor. In this respect, the "mountain city" has unique advantages. The high-rise buildings are scattered and look very three-dimensional.


04 Flight Performance

In addition, there will be an unmanned aerial vehicle formation flying performance during the open-air reception, which is a visual feast of the unmanned aerial vehicle.