Smart UAV Inspection System

The intelligent drone inspection system belongs to the emerging application mode. Through its application, it can reduce personnel input and improve work efficiency, and provide powerful guarantee for large-scale promotion of multi-rotor drones. Application environments such as highways, urban roads, security warehouses, oil pipelines, and coastal inspections provide a more convenient and intelligent solution. The intelligent UAV inspection system consists of intelligent multi-rotor UAV system, high-precision take-off and landing, public network remote control (no network coverage using radio), intelligent apron and control software.

HC-332 Hybrid-Electric Six-Rotor UAV

HC-332 Oil-Electric Hybrid Six-Rotor UAV System is a high-performance multi-Rotor UAV product. It has four-hour ultra-long flight time, heavy load, high reliability, platform versatility, weather resistance and other industry leading advantages. It can be widely used in agriculture and forestry monitoring, material delivery, atmospheric monitoring, electric power inspection, oil and gas inspection, etc. Railway patrol, security investigation, land surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, aerial photography and other fields.

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